Oriental Institute

The largest collection of Biblical artifacts is in the Midwest, the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

The first thing you may appreciate is there are bathrooms in the basement. Upon entering, go behind the staircase on your right, and descend the steps to find the facilities.

The University of Chicago was founded (and funded) by John D. Rockefeller, the oil baron. He spent millions digging up artifacts all over the Middle East, and floated much of it back to Chicago. The collection contains over 300,000 items. If you see items with a headphone icon, the numbers starting with a 2 are of Biblical interest.

Note this is a secular museum run by the University of Chicago. Displays are not designed to
emphasize Christianity, and the audio guides on the religious significance does not come from a conservative Christian point of view.

In future years, expect traffic and security to increase as the Barack Obama Presidential Library will open nearby.

NOTE: Displays, exhibits, and presentation order is subject to change by the Oriental Institute at any time.

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