S2E11: What Is Revival? – Part II

In 1971, evangelist twins, Ralph and Lou Sutera, were involved with the Saskatoon Revival, which traveled around the world and impacted lives, churches, communities, and mission fields.

In this episode, Ralph Sutera continues to weigh in on what revival is and on who needs to be revived.






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  1. I’ve been looking for an email address on this site, but haven’t found one, so I am writing this way.

    I’m thrilled to have found this site. I love to visit Christian Historical sites. I will definitely have this site bookmarked as we travel and check it!

    This past summer we traveled to Anaheim, CA and discovered that Corrie Ten Boom was buried nearby. I was shocked! I went to her grave and also the Wurmbrand’s grave, which was around the area too. I went to “add a site” to the map, but it said I needed to log in. I’m sure it would be a nice addition to add to your wonderful map.

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